Craft Quarters Table Runner Kit – No Pattern


This product is only the pre-cut fabrics for the Craft Quarters table runner. The colours shown are most of what we offer, however we are constantly updating them. We will try our best to cater for the kit you desire.

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img_1281 img_1280 img_1265 img_1264 img_1269 img_1268 img_1245 img_1243 img_1247 img_1246 img_1251 img_1250 img_1253 img_1252 img_1255 img_1254 img_1259 img_1258 img_1257 img_1256 img_1261 img_1260 img_1263 img_1262 img_1267 img_1275 img_1279 img_1278 img_1277 img_1266 img_1273 img_1272 img_1271 img_1270


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