Toni Whitney – Sea Otter


Much has been written about the level of devotion of sea otter mothers for their pups – a mother gives her infant almost constant attention, cradling it on her chest away from the cold water and attentively grooming its fur. When foraging, she leaves her pups floating on the water, sometimes wrapped in kelp to keep it from floating away. When at the surface, the sea otter usually floats on its back and moves by sculling its feet and tail from side to side. Long, highly sensitive whiskers and front paws help the sea otter find prey by touch when waters are dark or murky.

Kit – Includes pattern and fabric.
Pattern – Pattern Only – No Fabrics included.

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Sea Otter 20 1/2″ x 23 3/4″

Mother and baby Sea Otter Fusible Applique Quilt kit

*Fabrics may vary

Also available as a pattern only


Kit, Pattern


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